About us

We are customers' focused professionals, trained to achieved the highest deontological therapy standards, active members within national and international boards. We are established in 2925 Coulter Lane, Richmond, Virginia, but we often travel to meet our clients' needs throughout the country, as part of a larger number of organizations.

Keen to develop further complementary therapies skills, we serve, free of charge, the voluntary sectors, like cancer-related centres, but also drug-addicttions establishments or Alzheimers' Society. We've worked with a huge number of conditions and we've specialized in insomnia, anger and stress management, personal development, natural healing and reflexology.

Right now, our team includes:

Joyce Maxfield

Joyce W. Maxfield

our principal practitioner for personal development

Robert Stegner

Robert J. Stegner

the principal practitioner for reflexology

Richard Jones

Richard M. Jones

principal practitioner for physical well being

Joan Moore

Joan J. Moore

our massage therapist

Richard Bruce

Richard S. Bruce

alternative medicine specialist

Margaret Heskett

Margaret S. Heskett

our homeopathologist

Charles Prater

Charles T. Prater

natural and traditional medicine expert

If you need more info, please visit our contact page and write us down your thoughts..