Can homeopathy improve the immune system?

Homeopathy for the immune system

Our body is an incredible machine. Trillions of cells, atoms, and nerves make up our systems. Our eyes can distinguish millions of different colors, our stomach can dissolve metal, and our heart pumps 5.5 liters of blood per minute. We really are amazing! Our immune system works hard to defend us from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. When it stops functioning properly, we get sick. How can we use homeopathy to improve the immune system?

What is homeopathy?

Some people believe that homeopathy is the same as herbal medicine. The truth is that both of them are alternative medicines, but are built on different principles. Homeopathy is based on the law of treating like with like – similia similibus curantur. In other words, a factor or ingredient that could trigger a particular disease could be used to heal the same health problem. Thus, if poison ivy gives skin rash, administering small amounts of it would cure the allergic reaction. Statistics show that over 200 million people worldwide use this form of alternative therapy to treat chronic and acute conditions.

Homeopathy can even improve the immune response. Do you feel weakened, tired, and you caught a cold? You have to boost the defense system with ingredients that would cause you similar symptoms. Several homeopathic compounds included in supplements that treat cold are Mercurius Viv, Atimonium tart, Spongia tosta, and Antimonium tart. When your nails are affected by fungus, you ought to kill the germs, banish the signs of onychomycosis, and enhance the immunity with homeopathic ingredients like Thuja occidentalis, Sulphur, Arsenicum album, Antimonium crudum, and Mancinella.

How to improve the immune response

There’s a direct link between immune system and illnesses. The easiest way to keep them at bay is to strengthen the immunity, especially before the cold season. What should you use? Apart from the usual vitamins C and D, which hammer your best defenses, you should also try several homeopathics: Gelsemium, Allium cepa, Silicea, Echinacea, and Astragalus.

Foods offer us a lot more than the nutrients we need to function properly. The products we eat day by day ensure the supply required for a healthy immunity. Add you your diet eatables that contain selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C, E, B6, copper, folic acid, and iron. Together with homeopathy, a balanced nutrition will assist you to combat diseases and improve the immune response naturally.

When you need the assistance of a doctor, don’t rush to swallow antibiotics for a bacterial infection or an anti-viral treatment for a viral infection. Discuss with a homeopath and learn how to stimulate your immune and defense system. It is actually the approach commonly used in homeopathy.

Can homeopathy improve the immune system? It addresses the particular needs and features of the individual. Homeopathic treatments consist in an individualized choice of medicine; thus, it will help patients rebuild their immunity and regain their strength to combat viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms. The trick is to find the correct homeopathic remedy that fits your unique pattern of symptoms. Would you give homeopathy a try to cure nail fungal infections?