We're always looking for experienced therapist to join our team.

Applicant requirements:

  • college graduated;
  • all required official documentation, according to professional training;
  • previous professional experience is a great plus;
  • above average medical knowledge;
  • positive attitude towards clients and co-workers;
  • excellent interpersonal abilities, patient-focused;
  • willing to perform and eager to build a solid career;
  • sociability, patience, adaptability, maleability;
  • willing to work remotely, if required;
  • able to work in a team, to respect deadlines;
  • English as a native language;
  • driving distance to Richmond;
  • driving license.

If you are able to check all of the above, please send us an e-mail at careers [at] equilibriatherapies [dot] com. Only serious applicants accepted, regardless if they're already involved in other projects.

Looking forward to work together!