How to use essential oils to cure nail fungal infection

Oils to treat onychomycosis

After years of struggling to eliminate onychomycosis, many patients stop taking prescribed antifungal drugs and give a try to alternative medicine practices. Some would use natural remedies from their home, while others would just pay for a supplement like ZetaClear because it is user-friendly and ready to apply. When you want to keep the condition under control, learn how to use essential oils and cure nail fungal infection for good.

Common symptoms of fungal nail infection

Preventing it is a lot easier than treating it. Unfortunately, the symptoms appear when the fungus has already affected the nail. How to recognize onychomycosis? The fingernails and toenails are discolored, with distorted shape, and visible yellow or white streaks on the plate. Sometimes, scaling appears under the nail, the corners are crumbly, and flaking white spots are on the surface.

Doctors recommend using a treatment that works both internally and locally. Because ZetaClear is enriched with homeopathic ingredients and essential oils, it strengthens the immune system, kills the fungus, clears the nails, and restores the patient’s confidence. Due to ZetaClear, the symptoms of the fungal nail infection will slowly disappear, and you will experience zero side effects.

The best essential oils for your nails

According to our ancestors’ wisdom, essential oils can be used to remove onychomycosis and its embarrassing signs successfully. Did you know that tea tree oil (recommended by Chinese traditional medicine) is one of the most powerful antifungal ingredients? Tea tree oil kills Candida albicans, yeasts, dermatophytes, and other fungi that cause onychomycosis in humans.

Other essential oils that are beneficial for nail health are orange oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and clove oil. In fact, they were added to ZetaClear composition, and the product was proved to cure onychomycosis within a couple of months of treatment. You could also use 2-3 oils and make your homemade recipe. But you have to consider several principles, and that essential oils need a carrier oil to potentiate the effects and ensure maximum results in banishing the fungal infection symptoms.

How to use ZetaClear

The detailed instructions are mentioned on ZetaClear label, but you can also read the info we have found on When you want to obtain beautiful and healthy nails in the shortest possible time, use the homeopathic treatment to spray twice under the tongue three times per day. The local solution must be applied on all of your nails, even though only of them show onychomycosis symptoms. Maybe the fungus has caused damage that isn’t visible yet. Therefore, apply daily the clear solution with the special applicator. The essential oils will penetrate the tissues and, together with the systemic treatment, will strengthen nails and restore their beautiful luster.

Based on the information published on this reputed website it’s easy to use essential oils to cure nail fungal infection. Approximately 3 strokes per nail once or twice a day will work wonders. The results are visible from the first few weeks of treatment. However, the experts recommend using ZetaClear for another 2 weeks after the symptoms disappear completely. Use the power of nature and grow stronger nails in the comfort of your home!