Can reflexology help with weight loss?

Reflexology for weight loss

Reflexology is the therapeutic method the relies on the theory that we have reflex points on the head, feet, and hands that are linked to every part of our body. Can you believe that by pressing several points on the soles of your feet will relieve your stomach pain? Expert reflexologists claim that the technique will even remove your stubborn belly fat. Read the facts. How can reflexology help with weight loss?

How can reflexology help you?

Obviously, a healthy diet plan and active lifestyle are the key to weight loss. But instead of following drastic diets that make you feel hungry all the time, you should try reflexology. In the same time, hit the gym and go on with cardio! You ought to boost the metabolic rate if you want to get a beach body in record time. Alternatively, use reflexology with the assistance of a specialist or press on the pressure points yourself. It’s really simple, as you will soon find out. Push on these points for maximum benefits:

  • The center of the big toe – it corresponds to the pituitary gland, which controls the production of the hormones in your body.
  • The inner edge of your foot, at the center soul – it is linked to the adrenal glands. It gives you more energy to burn the calories.
  • The outside area of your big toe – helps you to fight against food cravings and control the appetite, as it is connected to the hypothalamus.
  • The bottom of the big toe – is the point you ought to press when you are overstressed because the weight loss doesn’t occur as fast as you want.

Before pressing on all these points, rub the soles of your feet to prepare your body for the therapy. This way, the energy will start flowing unhindered, and you will already feel more relaxed. Massage each point for 5 minutes, and slowly move to others. Repeat every day if you want to get a slimmer waist effortlessly.

How can you accelerate the weight loss process?

The professionals took massage to the next level. When incorporated into your life, reflexology will improve your overall health and support you to feel better in your skin. You already booked your vacation at the beach, but you aren’t in your best shape? Start practicing reflexology on your feet and pay more attention to what you eat, too. Remember that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. And considering that reflexology aids digestion and helps you burn the calories at a faster rate, you will fulfill your deepest desire soon after starting massaging the soles of your feet.

Can reflexology help with weight loss? Try the popular method yourself and tell us about your experience. Your mission to lose belly fat will be surprisingly easy!