Before coming to Equilibria I had tremendous cervical pain and hypertension. After 20 sessions with their therapists, my blood pressure regularized, neck pain are almost gone, I'm at peace with myself, I'm more positive and relaxed.

Gabriel, Petersburg

First time I've stepped into Equilibria's center was together with my husband who was, at that time, their patient. While I was waiting for him in the lobby, I kind of felt the positive energy of the place, feeling good by only sitting on a chair. Impressive sensation! Later on, I have decided to start the therapy myself and, from that point on, I felt way better, more energetic and positive.

Georgia, Richmond

Last year, about this time, a friend of mine was keep telling me about alternative medicine. I was going through a tough period of my life, feeling that everything around me shatters into little pieces, that sometimes every part of me was hurting. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but I became more and more aware about my problems and the fact that I needed to do something about them. That's how I got in touch with the kind people from Equilibria to appoint my first session with Mr. Stegner. Right now, after a couple of months of therapy, managed to solve my intestinal transit issues, and to become a better person! I honestly recommend him and Equilibria Therapies for anybody in the same situation.

Alex, Ashland