Topical Treatments with Minimum Risks

topical treatments for nail fungus

Topical treatments are the most common remedies that people use when they discover that they are under fungal attack. Most of the treatments have been formulated to penetrate the nail and get rid of the fungus just the same way ZetaClear treatment works. Unfortunately, these topical treatments take a longer time to deal with nail fungus. Also, when used on the skin, topical treatments can sometimes be itchy and quite uncomfortable. For instance, Lamisil is one of the drugs that can be used to deal with nail fungus. The drug is taken orally for 90 days. Unfortunately, it is associated with liver risks and the patient may need to take liver tests regularly. Even though, it is one of the oral therapy that is unequivocally safe and is used by millions of users worldwide even without prescription.

Treating the nail and surrounding skin

Use of antifungal nail polish to treat nail fungus is becoming popular because of its effectiveness. Nail lacquers such as ciclopirox have been tested and are approved to be used to manage nail fungal. However, the user must adhere to the prescription. Other than skin allergies, topical antifungals have little side effects and are quite popular with patients. When you choose to use them to manage nail fungus, it should be used every day for a minimum period of 1 year.

When you keep the nail trimmed, it reduces the amount of fungus in the nail and lessens the pressure related pain. Topical medications and creams are then used to deal with nail fungus. Even though, these methods are less effective since it is difficult to penetrate through hard nails and require that they are applied every day over a longer period. However, these topical treatments have minimum risks and side effects. The most common topical prescription include:


It is a topical solution that has been approved to treat toenail and finger fungus. The prescription works about 7% of the time and should be applied to the affected nails once per day for one year. It is a medical nail lacquer that should be wiped with alcohol once per week. There is evidence that when you use a lacquer that contains amorolfine, it prevents re-infection after the nail has been cured. The drug has a success rate of 70%.


The medication was approved in 2014, and to be applied to the skin as an antifungal. It can also be used to treat toenail fungus. The medication needs to be applied once every day and should be used for 48 weeks.

Tavaborole - it is another topical treatment option available for use to treat toenail problems. Unlike ZetaClear, the medication should be applied once every day for 48 weeks. Unfortunately, it has some side effects.

Even though topical medications are used to deal with the fungal, they are not as effective as antifungal pills. They must be used for a longer period and may not treat severe and hard to treat fungal infections. Therefore, patients may be forced to seek other options.